The Lux Spa

Dawn Stringini
Master Aesthetician
1610 W. Fullerton
Suite B
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 868-4800
The Lux Spa

My Motto: ”Inside out & outside in”

I help women, men, and teenagers gain their confidence back by educating them on the health of their skin from the inside out. I help them see that there is another way by treating the body as a whole. The products I use are from a live source and are truly 100% natural. My clients see real results, whether it’s clearing up acne or bringing back firmness and more of an even tone to the skin. In just one treatment I have taken 3 to 5 years off my clients’ face.

I studied under a mentor who has been in the field for 32 years and from her I learned how to treat the skin as an organ. It’s not about the skin you see, the real results are produced by treating the layers you don’t see.

We identify and support your goals, from challenges like acne to aging. We treat your skin from the outside and the inside, to provide more profound, long term results.

Our Med Spa leadership brings 21 years of experience educating individuals on nutrition and skincare synergy. We offer both established and recently-proven techniques to stay razor-sharp in the effectiveness of each care plan. Notable techniques we offer include 100% Excipient-free products.

Our own Dr. Bhanoo Sharma MD places great emphasis on your personalized consultation. He is a specialist in Bariatric surgery, post Bariatric surgery body contouring, weight loss management and providing Lipotropic Injections. He also leads our Botox/Juvaderm Filler procedures, Thread Lift, Vampire Facia

  • Need some pep? Our Detoxifying Mask will Brighten Your Outlook!
  • Special occasion? Our Muscle Mask will Make You Shine!
  • Aging? Our Peels or True Exfoliants will Uncover a New You!
  • Acne? Treating it the natural way, will change your life!
  • Low energy? Our Vitamin B-12 Injections can give you an instant boost!

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