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Women's Health Physical Therapy - NOW - at Centre Physical Therapy Lincoln Park
Centre Physical Therapy
Women’s Health Physical Therapy – NOW – at Centre Physical Therapy Lincoln Park

Women's Health Physical Therapy addresses the unique musculoskeletal problems of the pelvic region such as weakness, incontinence, or pain that can come with childbirth, age or neurological issues.  Centre Physical Therapy has professional and caring staff that can provide you an individualized and unique assessment.

Women's Health Physical Therapists Treat:

  • Diastesis Recti
  • Core weakness
  • Urinary leaking when laughing or sneezing
  • Urgency to urinate or a sense you can't make it to the bathroom in time
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain with gynecological exams or intimacy
  • Pressure or bulging sensations in the vagina
  • A feeling of weakness in the vagina
  • Body pains during or after pregnancy
  • Painful scars from cesarean-section or episiotomy/tearing during childbirth
  • and more

Please call us at 312-585-8567 to schedule an assessment appoint.  We have private a treatment room available for your convenience and discretion.  You can also visit our website to book your appointment online at https://centrephysicaltherapy.com.  

(312) 585-8567
You don't need a doctor, you just need to get Centre'd!
Centre Physical Therapy
You don’t need a doctor, you just need to get Centre’d!

Are you feeling aches and pains from sitting at your desk all day?  Are you considering or recovering from surgery to repair an injury? Are you experiencing issues from postpartum change and need some pelvic floor work? 

If there is anything that is ailing you, you can come to Centre Physical Therapy for some human-centered, holistic care from professionals who are invested in your goals and you don’t need a doctor’s referral or script!

Direct Access Illinois give patients direct access to licensed physical therapists, without referral or script, for up to 10 visits or 15 days whichever comes first.  Schedule a complimentary physical wellness assessment and get started feeling better today.

Call, stop by or book your appointment online at http://www.centrephysicaltherapy.com.

*Per federal guidelines, beneficiaries of plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, VHA and other federally funded plans are not eligible for free assessment.  Direct Access rules vary by state and service.

(312) 585-8567

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