Government affairs and business advocacy programs

Our government affairs and advocacy efforts are focused on driving economic development to make sure Lincoln Park continues to be a vibrant place to do business.

Throughout the year, we provide members with a variety of opportunities to learn more about issues affecting local businesses, including:

  • events where you can interact with elected officials
  • a government affairs committee, where you can actively address issues vital to the business community
  • legislative updates on our website and in our publications, where you can find the latest  news that affects Lincoln Park

Letters of Support

Speaking up about policy issues and having your voice heard by your elected officials can be intimidating. That’s where the LPCC can help. The LPCC supports our members by contacting the appropriate elected official with a concise, direct, polite and persuasive message that highlights the issue, relevant facts and how the elected official can act on your behalf. 

If you have an issue impacting your business, industry or neighborhood and would like your voice heard, contact us today.

Government Affairs Committee

The LPCC is committed to the success of our members and the Lincoln Park neighborhood. We also provide a strong, unified voice in support of the local business community. Through our Government Affairs Committee, the LPCC draws on past experience to craft messages in support of future policies that support business growth.

Legislative Agenda and Accomplishments

Developed by the LPCC’s Government Affairs Committee and approved by the Board of Directors, the Legislative Agenda provides for specific action items for the LPCC to champion while establishing four general legislative priorities. Together, broad concepts and specific targets enable the LPCC to engage in activities that range from community outreach, letter-writing campaigns and media relations to public testimony and support for a wide-variety of initiatives and issues. Whether it’s providing a unified, pro-business voice in support of a key development or advocating for the approval of a license or permit for a specific business, the LPCC will continue to be a partner for local businesses and the Lincoln Park community.

2024 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2023 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2022 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2021 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2020 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2019 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2018 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2017 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2016 LPCC Legislative Agenda

2015 Legislative Accomplishments Report

2014 Legislative Accomplishments Report

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