Lincoln Avenue SSA services & programs

The Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce currently provides the following services through the Lincoln Avenue SSA:

Supplementary sidewalk snow removal: Snow plowing and
salting services are provided after a one inch accumulation of snow.

Landscaping: Seasonal plantings and streetscape amenities are
maintained throughout the SSA area, including spring and holiday
plantings for hanging baskets.

Holiday decorations: Festive decorations adorn the light poles for the holidays.

Sidewalk litter pick-up: A clean-up crew has been hired to pick up garbage and debris on Lincoln Avenue three days a week between November and April and five days a week between May and October. Trash bins are also emptied.

Sidewalk pressure washing: Sidewalks are power washed annually.

Business attraction: Looking for the perfect location for your business? Contact us and we’re happy to find you a great location on Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park.            

Facade Improvement Rebate Program: The Facade Rebate Program offers rebates to business and property owners within the Lincoln Avenue SSA  that improve the look of buildings and storefronts in the corridor. From projects as small as a new window or sign, to those as big as an entire facade replacement, this program will keep our neighborhood looking good.

Safety Rebate Program: The Safety Rebate Program offers a rebate for business or property owners within the Lincoln Avenue SSA that make improvements such as exterior lighting upgrades and security camera upgrades to the public way facing portion of their building. 

Business Safety Tips: The Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce’s Business Safety Tips sheet is designed to help business owners and managers with simple and effective ways to keep their businesses safe.

Vandalism Repair Rebate Program: The Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce’s Vandalism Repair Rebate Program provides incentives in the form of a rebate for physical repairs to windows and doors of commercial spaces along the public way due to vandalism. The goal of the Vandalism Repair Rebate Program is to ensure that the Lincoln Avenue Special Service Area (SSA) district is not mired by broken or boarded up windows, and that businesses can receive financial assistance if vandalism occurs.


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