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Chicago Vaccine Requirement Effective January 3, 2022
To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the City of Chicago has issued Public Health Order 2021-2, which requires certain establishments to verify that patrons are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The Public Health Order will remain in effect until the City of Chicago is through this Omicron-driven surge and the risk of overwhelming hospital capacity has passed.

Chicago Issues Masking Requirement
Posted on August 17, 2021
Starting Friday, August 20, masks will be required in all indoor public settings as the average number of new daily cases of COVID-19 in Chicago surpassed 400. Everyone regardless of vaccination status will be required to wear a mask while indoors in public settings.

It’s Official: Chicago Enters Phase 5
Posted on June 11, 2021
Effective today, Chicago is officially in Phase 5. This move is possible because Chicago’s COVID-19 metrics are at record lows and over 50% of Chicagoans are at least partially vaccinated.

Chicago Starts Bridge Phase on May 14
Posted on May 13, 2021
In addition to increased capacity that comes with the Chicago Bridge Phase starting Friday, May 14, businesses will also have the option of not counting fully vaccinated individuals towards COVID-19 capacity limits.

City Announces Updated Phase Four Regulations
Posted on April 30, 2021
Following two weeks of stable or declining COVID-19 reopening metrics, the City of Chicago announced a loosening of COVID-19 capacity regulations under the Phase Four Guidelines. Effective immediately, Phase Four capacity restrictions have been eased across a number of industries

Chicago Eases COVID-19 Regulations for Businesses
Posted on March 2, 2021
The City of Chicago announced today the further easing of COVID-19 regulations for Chicago businesses due to sustained progress in all four reopening metrics, effective immediately.

Capacity Expanded for Chicago Indoor Dining
Posted on February 16, 2021
The City of Chicago announced today that indoor service at bars, restaurants and events can expand to the lesser of 40% capacity or 50 people per room or floor effective immediately.

Dining Restrictions Eased in Chicago
Posted on February 10, 2021
Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) today announced a roadmap for Chicago to continue to cautiously ease regulations on businesses as COVID-19 metrics improve. Under the plan, indoor service at bars, restaurants and events can expand to the lesser of 25% capacity or 50 people per room or floor effective February 11.

Chicago Moves to Phase 4
Posted on February 1, 2021
Chicago has met the metrics set by the State of Illinois to move to Phase 4 COVID-19 regulations. In order to avoid reversing the progress that the city has made in recent weeks, a number of regulations will remain in place in Chicago under Phase Four. Some restrictions will be eased, such as the prohibition of bar seating and the non-essential business curfew, but most of the capacity regulations will remain in place.

Chicago Moves to Tier 1 Mitigations
Posted on January 23, 2021
Effective immediately, Chicago has moved to the Tier 1 Mitigation Measures set by the State of Illinois. Please see below for an overview of these new mitigations from the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP).

Chicago Moving to Tier Two Mitigations
Posted on January 19, 2021
Effective immediately, the State of Illinois has determined that Chicago has made significant enough progress as a region in the fight against COVID-19 to move into Tier 2 Mitigations Measures.

Illinois Issues Statewide Tier 3 Mitigations
With COVID-19 spread now exponential in every region of the state, statewide positivity rate at record highs and hospitalizations surpassing the Spring peak, the State of Illinois has announced all 11 state regions including Chicago will move into Tier 3 effective Friday,
November 20 at 12:01 a.m.

Click here for new mitigation requirements by industry.

Chicago Issues Stay at Home Advisory and New Meeting Guidelines
The City of Chicago will impose new restrictions on meetings and social events, as well as issue a stay at home advisory, that will go into effect on Monday, November 16 at 6:00 a.m.

Business Affairs & Consumer Protection (BACP) Reopening Businesses Portal
Posted on October 30, 2020
The State of Illinois has imposed new mitigation measures that went into effect on Friday, October 30 at 12:01 a.m. These guidelines have been outlined by BACP.

Lightfoot to Extend Hours for Liquor Sales at Chicago Bars and Restaurants
Posted on October 29, 2020
Mayor Lori Lightfoot will reverse a curfew she imposed on liquor sales (in restaurants and bars) and allow those businesses to sell alcohol until 11:00 p.m.

Governor Announces New Measures to Slow COVID-19 Spread
Posted on October 27, 2020
Governor Pritzker announced that Chicago is being placed under Tier 1 restrictions in response to increasing COVID-19 cases. These restrictions include a ban on indoor drinking and dining and will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, October 30.

New Measures Implemented by City of Chicago to Slow COVID-19 Spread
Effective on October 23, 2020
Effective Friday, October 23, new measures go into effect to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Chicago. Essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations will be able to stay open during the non-essential business curfew.

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