Boost Your Networking Game - A Workshop + Networking Event

November 30, 2017 | 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Join Pop Box on Thursday, November 30, at 6pm for the most unique, helpful and fun networking event you’ve attended all year! Victor Marada, director of Performing Arts Studio will lead attendees through a 40 minute “body language” workshop to be followed with networking session presented by Deskpass.
Part 1: Charisma Workshop
Want to learn techniques on how to look more confident, prepared, poised and charismatic when entering a room of strangers, interviewing or networking?
The “Boost Your Networking Game” workshop adapts acting techniques for the networking game. Did you know that no one was born being charismatic? Charisma is a skill that anyone can learn and develop.
The workshop will not only provide lots of fun and unique opportunity to network, it will also provide tips and tricks of the acting trade to help us strengthen our presence, body awareness and self-confidence. Move over, Most Interesting Man in the World, there’s gonna be a new a new networking sheriff in town.
Part 2: Networking
Put your newly acquired skills to work immediately with the follow up networking session presented by Deskpass!
Wine and beer will be served.

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