Club Pilates Lincoln Park Celebrating 2-Year Anniversary

October 21, 2018 | 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Club Pilates is located in the Heart of the Lincoln Park Community!  They are celebrating their 2 Year Anniversary on Sunday, October 21st and will be offering their normal schedule of various levels of reformer classes from 8am to 12p, with two 30-minute complementary Intro classes at 1pm and 2pm. They will also commemorate the day with raffles, prizes, massages, foods and beverages at our studio.  Feel free to come try their classes at 2047 N Clybourn Ave or visit their schedule at to book your Intro class!
About Club Pilates:  We offer Reformer-based classes with a modern approach to classical methods, at a price that makes Pilates attainable.  People across the nation are transforming their bodies and lives through energizing, fun, low-impact Club Pilates workouts - seven days a week!  

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