Fireside Chat: Judith A. Paice: Lessons for Our Future at the International Museum of Surgical Science

May 11, 2023 | 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

In Celebration of Nurses Month, join in for a fireside chat by Judith A. Paice!
5PM - 6PM Wine & Cheese Reception
6PM - 7PM Fireside Chat '' Pain: Lessons For Our Future''
7PM - 8PM Questions & Answers
Pain is universal and protective for our survival; those rare individuals who experience no pain live very short lives. Yet, pain is also greatly feared. Persistent pain can destroy lives and livelihoods, and costs our society greatly in lost productivity and medical expenses. Pain relief is best achieved by multimodal therapies that include pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic approaches; however, access to many these measures has been limited, leading to over-reliance on medications. A perfect (or rather, imperfect) storm of many challenges in our world has led to misuse of these agents, particularly opioids. As a result, treatment of pain has been overshadowed by the challenges associated with opioids and substance use disorder.

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