HopCat 10th Anniversary Party

January 20, 2018 | 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM

We're celebrating the HopCat family's 10th anniversary on Saturday, January 20th.
We’ll start the party at 11am with FREE CRACK FRIES, 10 beers – including many never-brewed-before exclusives, and of course, the annual Crack Fries Eating Contest at 3pm.
1. Saugatuck - The Ghost of Neapolitan (Exclusive) – White Stout w/ Strawberry, Vanilla, & Chocolate – 6%
2. New Holland - Cherry Burst Barley Feline (Exclusive) – BBA Dark Cherry Barleywine – 11.5%
3. Odd Side - Tree’s Nuts (Collab) – Imperial Porter w/ Maple & Pecan – 11%
4. Blake’s - Sir Lushington (Exclusive) – BBA Cider w/ Cherry – 9%
5. Short’s - Right In The Batteries (Exclusive) – Oak-Aged Kettle-Soured Barleywine w/ Fig & Jasmine Tea – 9.2%
6. Lagunitas - Fusion 48 – New England IPA – 7%
7. Brewery Vivant - Village Idiot (Collab) – Kettle Sour IPA - 6.5%
8. O’Fallon - Cattywhoompus (Exclusive) – Imperial New England-Style IPA – 10%
9. Vander Mill - BBA Totally Roasted (2017 Exclusive Batch) – BBA Hard Cider w/ Pecan, Vanilla, & Cinnamon – 6.9%
10. Three Sheeps - Hoppy Anniversary! (Exclusive) – East Coast-Style Pale Ale w/ Blood Orange – 5%
Free Crack Fries:
We're giving away FREE Crack Fries from 11a to 5p with any purchase. One order per person.
Crack Fries Eating Contest:
Come Paws Chicago. Contestants must sign up in advance, either by email, by phone, or in person by 2:30pm on January 20th. 3pm, we’ll be hosting a Crack Fries eating contest. There's a $5 entry fee that will be matched by HopCat with all proceeds being donated to PAWS Chicago.
To sign up, contact our General Manager, Tyler Muller, attmuller@hopcat.com or call 312-257-2599, or sign up in person at the restaurant by asking your server/bartender.
Once the contest begins, you’ll have six minutes to eat as many Crack Fries, by weight, as you can. The 1st Place winner will receive a HopCat prize package valued at $500 and the chance to compete for the grand prize - $2,000 and eternal glory as they're pitted against the other HopCat locations' winners in the World Championship Crack Fries Eating Contest at the 2018 Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Festival
in Ypsilanti, MI.
If you don’t want to subject your stomach to that, you can just come and hang out, drink a beer, get some food and enjoy the festivities.
Other Details:
In addition to a $500 prize package, the first-place winner will be provided with a travel voucher to help cover the costs of getting to the 2018 Summer Beer Festival. 2nd place winner gets a HopCat prize package valued at $100. 3rd place winner gets a HopCat prize package valued at $25. 4th place has to sit at the bar while everyone points and laughs…not really…maybe.

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