How to Finally Get Consistent with Healthy Eating

March 16, 2022 | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

You already have good habits helping you work towards your goals. You start many days with good intentions and have a plan. You know you can maintain your discipline for a period of time, but why can you keep it going for a while but not for the long-term?

There is a way to get freedom from this rollercoaster!

During this webinar with Laura B. Folkes, Certified Holistic Health Coach, you’ll identify the main reason you self-sabotage and what’s actually taking you off track so you can finally break the cycle!

You’ll Learn:
* What’s actually happening when you’re stress eating, binging, mindlessly eating or are generally eating out of alignment with your goals
* Why food feels worth it in the moment but not after the fact
* Why lack of willpower isn’t the reason you’re not able to stay on track with your healthy habits
* How we turn to food when we’re lacking a sense of safety
* What leads YOU to self-sabotage

This webinar is free to attend but registration is required. A recording will be provided if you're not able to attend live.

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