Now, We Do: A Panel Discussion with Ayanah Moor, Jordan Johnson, Cindy Pickett, and Martin L. Boston presented by the DePaul Art Museum

November 13, 2020 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

DPAM’s current installation for you by Chicago-based artist Ayanah Moor highlights the artist’s own struggle with diversity initiatives in university settings. What are the university, museum, art world, and academic policies that require reconsideration and revising in order to promote and support artists, curators, professors, and students of color? Rather than simply giving lip-service to a movement, what tangible steps must be taken by those in power to change such policies? Please join us for this rich panel discussion, moderated by DePaul University’s new Ida B. Wells Fellow from the African & Black Diaspora Studies Department, Dr. Martin L. Boston, with artist and professor Ayanah Moor, DePaul University’s Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Equity and Inclusion Cindy Pickett, and DPAM Delegate and DPU Black Artists Network Vice President, Jordan Johnson.

DePaul Art Museum recommits itself to continually reviewing and revising our own policies in order to problematize and correct systemic racism and descrimination in the context of our university museum, while continuing to be a leading example of this work for others. Our hope is that this program provides input that sparks tangible steps across universities, in partnership with their university museums and galleries, for perpetual vigilance and change in these matters.

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