Stories that Drive Commitment with Yastrow & Company

October 15, 2019 | 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Stories That Drive Commitment is a networking event to learn how to clarify and communicate a compelling brand story and improve your business results.

Do your customers understand what you do? Do your customers understand the benefit of working with you?

Your customers will commit to you when they believe clear, compelling and motivating stories about how they are transformed by doing business with you. Everything about marketing, sales, branding, product development and customer service flows from this idea. Are you communicating stories that drive commitment?

At this event, Steve Yastrow will share ideas that you can use to clarify and communicate your story and earn the dedicated commitment of your customers.

Join this Yastrow & Company event to:
Clarify your brand story by focusing on defining the Ideal Customer Beliefs that will motivate customers to commit to your company
Gain the tools to help your customers create powerful narratives about how they benefit from working with you
Participate in discussions with other business leaders about how to best develop customer commitment
Take with you a more compelling, powerful, motivating brand story

Event Details
5:30-6:00pm -- Welcome & Networking
6:00-7:30pm -- Program
7:30-8:30pm -- Additional Networking
Appetizers and drinks will be served

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  • Location

    The Annoyance Theatre & Bar
    851 W. Belmont
    Chicago, IL 60657
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