Tech Tuesday: Five Simple Ways to Improve Customer Engagement on Facebook

August 16, 2016 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Facebook is an extremely valuable marketing tool for small businesses, but many pages lack the ability to properly engage prospective customers. This webinar will provide small business owners with simple tricks (AND INSTRUCTIONS!) for improving customer engagement on your business' Facebook page.
Here are the five topics that will be covered by our social media consultant:
1) Adding the Proper Information in your Facebook page's About section. We'll help you develop and add the proper information in your Facebook page's “About” section to drive more traffic to it.
2) Posting a new post in Facebook that contains the right information to draw traffic to your Facebook page. Learn how to create a proper Facebook post that helps drive traffic to your Facebook page.
3) Add a Call to Action (aka Facebook button) directly on your Facebook page. We'll show you how to implement a call to action button (contact us, book an appointment, etc.) directly on your Facebook page to drive more traffic right to your website.
4) Using hashtags within posts to increase search-ability of your Facebook page.  Learn how to properly develop and use hashtags in your Facebook postings to help your business get found even easier.
5) Responding to Facebook Posts, Comments, and Messages.  We'll briefly review how to respond to Facebook posts, comments, and messages.  Facebook now factors your response times and will publicly display this information when you reach a certain response level.

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