Tech Tuesday: Free PR Tips to Market Your Business: A Webinar RoundTable

October 18, 2016 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

As small business owners who are focused on the bottom line, we are always looking for free ways to prompt our business. Within this RoundTable webinar, we will have a collective meeting to provide new ways for you to promote your business through free PR methods!

Here are the five free ways to promote your business that will be covered by our marketing consultant:

1) First and foremost, social media! If you aren’t using social media yet, you are way behind the times! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are all free platforms that you should be using!

2) HootSuite. Posting to each social media platform can be a daunting task! HootSuite allows you to manage your social media all in one place!

3) Comment on Other Blogs.  This may take some time, but totally worth it! A lot of other small businesses have blogs, and spending some time reviewing other blogs can definitely be an easy way to promote your business!

4) Write and submit Press Releases. Writing and submitting press releases may not sound like fun, but Google loves it! offers a free account that allows you to submit press releases to the world!

5) 5 Things to Do Tomorrow to Start Promoting Your Business. We’ll give you some homework (yes…homework!) to do the following day to start promoting your business for free!

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