The Great Migration: Placemaking and Remembrance with the Chicago History Museum

February 28, 2021 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

"I thought about that land often. What does it look like? Does someone live there? Why had I never gone down there, to this literal piece of Black History?" — Evan F. Moore, "This Land is My Land," The Chicago Reader

For years, Chicago Sun-Times culture and entertainment reporter Evan F. Moore heard family members share their memories about the land they owned in Boley, Oklahoma, and wondered about those spaces. Boley is one of more than fifty Black towns settled on land occupied by Creek Native Americans and the descendants of formerly enslaved Black people called “Creek Freedmen.” Last year, Moore decided to visit Boley for the first time and explore his ties to the land.

Log on and join Moore as he shares his family’s placemaking story, recounting his first visit to Boley and his journey through the archives that led him to affirmations and discovery.

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