HOTWORX Chicago Lincoln Park

Maurizia Taylor
General Manager
1229 W. Fullerton
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 327-1468
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Grand Opening Special Rates for Lincoln Park Chamber members and employees

Chicago's first EVER 24 hour infrared fitness studio all LPCC members/employees will be given a discount

Grand Opening Special Rates for Lincoln Park Chamber members and employees
$5 ENROLLEMENT AND $5 OFF MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP when mentioning Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce!!! 

HOTWORX Chicago Lincoln Park is the first ever 24 hour infrared fitness studio offering 30 minute isometric sessions or 15 minute HIIT sessions, high intensity interval training. You are working out in 125 degree heat in an INFRARED SAUNA!!! 

We have 9 infrared saunas, each sauna has a tv with a virtual instructor teaching each session. Aside from the saunas there is a FX Zone, equipped with top of the line functional fitness equipment including free weights, FT1 Trainer, kettle bells, and much more!! 
Isometric workouts include(30 minutes):
HOT ISO - Isometric Compression Postures 
HOT BUNS - Focus on the Glutes
HOT YOGA - Traditional Yoga
HOT PILATES - Traditional Pilates
HOT BARRE NONE - Low impact Isometrics utilizing Ballet Barre
HOT BANDS - Intense Total body resistance band workout
HOT WARRIOR - Advanced series of Isometric Postures
HOT CORE - Abs, hips, and lower back
HIIT Workouts include(15 minutes):
HOT CYCLE - Cycle Session with Choreographed Intensity Intervals
HOT BLAST - Strength, Endurance, and Cardio HIIT for the total body. 


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