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Comcast Business Unveils New Internet Service to Business Customers

January 31, 2017

Comcast Business announced it is now offering DOCSIS 3.1-based internet service to business customers in the Chicago area. “Business Internet 1 Gig” and “Business Internet 500” speed tiers are now available to thousands of business customers in the Comcast service area using the company’s existing network, without costly and disruptive construction of new network facilities.

For small and mid-sized businesses in buildings already served by Comcast, upgrading to Business Internet 1 Gig or Business Internet 500 is as simple as calling Comcast or visiting to change their service, and ordering a new modem. Gigabit service over DOCSIS 3.1 benefits many industries ranging from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality to education, and government.

“Fast, reliable Internet service, the ability to share large amounts of data and information with employees in the field and customers, and access to applications in the cloud is crucial to our productivity,” said Christina Pascente, manager of Marketing and Communications for Chicago-based Centaur Construction. “We use Comcast Business Internet technology to support the speed and performance demands of our business and to help us execute our mantra of delivering on time and on budget while at the same time paying strict attention to detail.”

With the addition of Business Internet 1 Gig and Business Internet 500, Comcast has the potential to deploy gigabit service more widely across its network and reach more customers. The new tiers of service complement existing gigabit and multi-gigabit options already available to Comcast Business customers, including Comcast Business Ethernet, which the company launched and has been expanding nationally since 2011. Those services can support speeds of 100 gigabits per second over fiber.

“Comcast Business is now uniquely able to provide 1 Gig speeds across its entire Chicago area footprint, regardless of the neighborhood or community the business is located in,” said Jay Dirkmaat, vice president of Comcast Business for the company’s Greater Chicago Region. “Businesses have a variety of needs and budgets, and this new service provides yet another option for customers who depend on technology and want faster Internet speeds to help their businesses thrive and grow.”

Pricing for the services varies based on a business’s location or number of locations to be served and the services to which the business currently subscribes. Contact your local Comcast salesperson or agent/partner for more information.

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