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Goose Island Announces Renovations

Posted on January 4, 2017

Goose Island Clybourn announced they will close their doors after service Sunday, January 8, for a five-month renovation. Renovations include removing the top half of the bar to open and lighten the space and adding new brewing tanks.  Additionally, all brewing and kitchen equipment will be replaced and walls will come down to create an open kitchen in view of the dining room. Chef Paul Virant (of Vie in Western Springs and Vistro in Hinsdale) will consult on the menu.

In an interview with Josh Noel from the Chicago Tribune, Goose Island President Ken Stout said, “I want it to be the type of place where you walk in, and you’re like, ‘I’ve got to stay, man, this place is cool. Right now it’s a very comfy pair of blue jeans we’ve had for 30 years.”

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