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NEW INFO: Alcohol Sales Guidance from BACP and IL Liquor Commission

Updated on March 17, 2020

The City of Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) has released updated guidance related to the sale of alcohol by restaurants in Chicago.

The city’s guidance confirms that restaurants with a Consumption on Premises-Incidental Activity liquor license can sell and deliver alcohol in Chicago, under the following conditions:

  • Consumption on premises-incidental activity and tavern liquor licensees in the City of Chicago can sell and deliver incidental packaged goods liquor. By definition they have local approval.
  • Liquor sales and delivery must occur during liquor sale hours as defined in the Municipal Code 4-60-130.
  • Licensees must verify proof of age.
  • No cash on delivery; the transaction must take place at the retail licensee.
  • Only sealed packaged goods in their original container (no to-go cups) can be sold or delivered.
  • Additional restrictions on delivery may apply to those who are licensed by the State as brew pubs, distilling pubs and manufacturers. These businesses should contact the ILCC for additional information.

Click here to read the updated FAQ from BACP.

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