Guided Sound Meditation at Lincoln Park Zoo

September 12, 2023 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Join sound meditation facilitator Jay Taylor for a series of immersive sound experiences and meditations outside at the iconic Peoples Gas Education Pavilion at Nature Boardwalk. For a fun twist, a different local collaborator will join each session, making each of the four offerings unique.
  • June 13 with Ana Everling
  • July 11 with Sam Thousand
  • Aug 15 with The Meditation Movement
  • Sept 12 with Hunter Diamond
This is an ages 16+ event, recommended for guests who can be peaceful and still for up to 90 minutes. No previous experience, training, or beliefs are required to participate and/or receive benefits from this offering. It is recommended that you bring a mat, a blanket, and an eye covering. Wear comfortable clothing to contribute to your complete relaxation.

Lie back, breathe, and allow the powerful frequencies of crystal singing bowls and percussive instruments to support you in reaching deep states of relaxation. If you have struggled with meditating in the past, this experience can show you that it works for everyone—it’s the perfect tool for letting go of stress. This 90-minute offering begins with a brief introduction intended to support you in getting the most out of the experience. Then, you can lie back and relax. As the singing bowls enter the sonic landscape, you are guided through some light breathing, easing you into a meditative state. After the sound fades, you gradually move your body and open your eyes. The instructor will share some final thoughts following the meditation.
  • Location

    Lincoln Park Zoo 
    Peoples Gas Education Pavilion at Nature Boardwalk
    2400 N. Cannon
    Chicago, IL 60614

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