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Lincoln Park has earned its reputation as a great Chicago neighborhood for both families and young professionals – with everything from unique housing to incredible school options. It’s the ideal place to get your start or settle down.

Homes & Apartments

From high-rise apartments and condos to historic single-family dwellings, Lincoln Park’s housing options will appeal to all tastes.

Schools & Education

Whether it’s our Chicago Public Schools or a private institution, Lincoln Park’s educational facilities are well known and highly respected. A wide range of tutoring services, daycare and preschool facilities, and nanny resources offer busy families flexibility and the resources necessary for their children’s success.

DePaul University

Lincoln Park is home to DePaul University, a vibrant university for residents and visitors alike. Located on 36 acres in the heart of the neighborhood, the Lincoln Park campus of DePaul University offers a traditional college environment with a slightly urban feel for the approximately 2,500 students living on campus. It is home to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Communication, the Theatre School, the School of Music, the College of Education, the LEED-certified Monsignor Andrew J. McGowan Science Building and the extensive John T. Richardson Library.

Worship Centers

Chicago is known worldwide as a culturally diverse and welcoming city – and Lincoln Park is proud to represent this tradition of cultural diversity and faith. Worship centers in Lincoln Park openly welcome new parishioners and offer many opportunities to engage with fellow residents and express your faith. Volunteer opportunities also abound.

Health Care

Health care opportunities for Lincoln Park residents go well beyond the neighborhood’s world-class hospitals, with a diverse range of health care professionals available in several fields. Lincoln Park’s family-friendly reputation coupled with an attractive location has led to many health care professionals setting up private practice across the community.

Library and Post Office

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