Sleepout for Homelessness 2017

January 27, 2017 | 5:00 PM - 7:00 AM

In January of 2016, seven friends asked the question "what is it like to be homeless in Chicago?"

They decided to find out by becoming homeless themselves for one winter night - from sunset to sunrise. Armed with a tent and $5 each, they set out to find answers to things like:

Where can you sleep that will both be safe and undisturbed by police?
How can you stay warm in the middle of winter?

Where can you find food to eat?

How can you manage things like going to the bathroom, washing up, and other basic human needs?

They posted photos, videos, and commentary from their experiences online, live-tweeting with with the hashtag #530Sleeps.

They also invited others to express support for their night of homelessness by making a donation to the 530 Fullerton Foundation (now called Care for Friends).

Our next Sleepout will be January 27, 2017!

Help Care For Friends help those in need and experience being homeless too with good friends, colleagues.

Find out more information here
  • Location

    Church of Our Savior - Front Lawn
    530 W. Fullerton
    Chicago, IL 60614
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