Ioannis Karakozis
Center Director
145 W. North
Chicago, IL 60610
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We’re changing how you see the world by restoring natural, perfect vision using the latest in laser technology and customized procedures. And all for a fair price. Welcome to SharpeVision!

Eyewear trends change frequently, but good vision never goes out of style. It’s all about freedom. Contacts and glasses are a burden. You can’t do anything better wearing them vs your natural, perfect vision. That’s what LASIK gives you. It takes your eye back to perfect, and sometimes even better. And for those who started life without perfect vision, LASIK is like having bionic eyes!

What exists beyond LASIK? Good question, LASIK and PRK are the answer for most people, but we have more options for vision correction based on age and anatomy. That’s what customization is all about. We determine which laser procedure is best for you at your exam because it’s all about the results.

  • SharpeVision has over 400 5-star Google and Yelp reviews
  • SharpeVision brings custom All-Laser Lasik paired with the most modern technology and techniques to everyone
  • Transparent pricing where you can see exact procedure costs on our website pricing page
  • We offer a lifetime coverage of enhancements with Lasik4Life
  • Schedule your FREE consultation today at

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