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Meet the Innovators: Dablr

Posted on May 8, 2018

Jake Obremski and Neil Glazier started Dablr, a mobile marketplace where you can post any chore, small job, or task you need done and find someone nearby who can help, at only 17 years old while still in high school.

The app, which recently officially launched in Chicago mid-April, connects people looking for quick and affordable help for any task to a nearby, background-checked local for a price the poster sets. Before that, they proved the concept in western Chicago suburbs, Sugar Grove and Elburn. By connecting 20 of their close friends with local gigs around the neighborhood, they knew they were on to something.

During high school they worked on Dablr part-time, and were aloud to get out of school and only do half days, so that they could leave to go and work. After graduating in 2017, they decided to skip college and work on Dablr full-time. Since they started working on Dablr full-time, they were able to focus solely on the company and its growth. After finishing their tests in the western suburbs, they ran a pilot in Chicago’s north side. After seeing there was a real need for a low-cost way to find local help, they decided to launch.

Since launching in mid-April over 100 people have signed up to post work. Users can post anything they need help with, including simple things like cleaning or moving, to even odder jobs like hanging flyers or running a cotton candy machine at a party.

Dablr is available in most of the city of Chicago. You can visit them at and even use the code “LPCC” to get $40 off your first post.

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