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New Parking Meters Coming to Lincoln Park

Posted on November 19, 2018

New parking meters are coming to Lincoln Park featuring a touch screen. After you park, you’ll enter your information at a nearby pay box:

  • Type in your license plate number
  • Insert a credit card or coins to pay
  • Choose how long you intend to park
  • Opt for paper or text receipt

That’s it! Your license plate number identifies that you’ve paid.

The new pay boxes will give you the option of receiving a printed or text receipt that indicates when parking expires, but the receipt no longer needs to be displayed.
The new system only affects motorists who pay for parking using a pay box. The ParkChicago app, which allows drivers to pay for parking using their smartphone and add time to a parking session from remote locations, will remain in place.

All 36,000 metered spots will have the new pay boxes in place by mid-year 2019. A list of where the new pay boxes have already been installed is available at

You can visit or call the customer service hotline at 877-242-7901 if you have any questions.

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