Lincoln Avenue SSA

The Lincoln Avenue SSA (Special Service Area) #35-2015  includes all properties fronting Lincoln Avenue from Webster on the south to Diversey on the north, plus adjacent blocks of commercial and mixed-use properties. The mission of the Lincoln Avenue SSA is to beautify and enhance Lincoln Avenue through efficient use of funds levied to promote the district as a vibrant place to live and do business. The LPCC is the service provider for the Lincoln Avenue SSA.

In 2004 local business and property owners got together to discuss a solution to keep Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln park a clean and vibrant place to live and do business and decided that they would seek to establish an SSA to maintain and enhance the corridor. Chicago City Council passed the establishment ordinance for the Lincoln Avenue Special Service Area (SSA) #35 on November 4, 2005. After two years of community engagement, the Lincoln Avenue SSA was reconstituted (renewed) in December 2015 for another 15 years.

The Lincoln Avenue SSA includes all properties fronting Lincoln from Webster on the south to Diversey on the north. See the Lincoln Avenue SSA #35-2015 Map for complete details.

The Lincoln Avenue SSA currently provides the following services.

Public Way Beautification

Lincoln Avenue Flower Baskets 2013Supplementary sidewalk snow removal: Snow plowing and salting services are provided after a one inch accumulation of snow.

Landscaping: Seasonal plantings and streetscape amenities are maintained throughout the SSA area, including spring and holiday plantings for hanging baskets.

Sidewalk litter pick-up: A clean-up crew has been hired to pick up garbage and debris on Clark three days a week during the colder months (November – April) and three days a week during the warmer months (May – October). Crews also empty all sidewalk trash bins. Two Big Belly solar compacting trash receptacles have been installed.

Holiday decor: Festive decorations adorn the light poles for the holidays.

Sidewalk pressure washing: Sidewalks are power washed annually.

Business Development

Business attraction: Looking for the perfect location for your business? Contact us and we’re happy to find you a great location on Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park.

Facade Improvement Rebate Program: Beginning in 2016, the Lincoln Avenue SSA will offer rebates to business and property owners for qualified projects that improve the look of buildings and storefronts in the corridor. From projects as small as a new window or sign, to those as big as an entire facade replacement, this program will keep our neighborhood looking good. Visit our Facade Improvement Rebate page for more details.

Marketing and Events

Website: The Lincoln Avenue SSA website is maintained to provide community resources and SSA updates.


Commissioners: The SSA is overseen by an appointed commission of local property and business owners. See a list of current commissioners and details about the Lincoln Avenue SSA commission.

Commission meetings: All SSA commission meetings are open to the public. View upcoming meeting dates, meeting agendas, and previous meeting minutes on our commission meeting page.

Requests for proposals: To ensure the best service and best pricing, the LPCC solicits competitive bids for all major  services. All requests for proposals (RFPs) are posted on a dedicated Lincoln Avenue SSA webpage and sent to select vendors. Contact us if you would like to be notified of our RFPs.

Visit the Lincoln Avenue SSA website at for more information.

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